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Malik had a problem. He had forgotten to finish his book report on the Amazon rainforest, and it was due that day. He had been so busy helping his mom at the bakery, where he worked every morning from 5am to 12pm, that he had neglected his homework. He knew he had to find a way to complete his assignment before his school started at 3pm.

Malik’s school was different from the traditional schools of the past. It offered flexible hours for its students, allowing them to choose any 6-hour increment that suited their needs and interests. This way, students could pursue their passions, support their families, or earn money without compromising their education. Malik’s mom needed his help at the bakery, so he opted for the afternoon shift at school. He also liked learning with his friends who had similar schedules and backgrounds.

Malik was lucky to have access to the latest educational technology, thanks to his school’s partnership with a global tech company. He had a pair of smart contact lenses that could project virtual reality images and videos onto his eyes, and a pair of earbuds that could translate any language and decode animal sounds due to advancements in AI decoding non-human communication. He also had a personal AI teaching assistant that could guide him through any topic and provide feedback and support. Malik’s teacher was a human, of course, but he relied on the AI assistants to help him tailor the curriculum to each student’s needs and goals.

Malik decided to use his VR contact lenses to do a virtual field trip to the Amazon rainforest. He had learned about the rainforest in his geography class, but he wanted to see it for himself and learn more about its animals. He logged into his school’s VR platform and entered the rainforest simulation. He was greeted by the avatar of his AI teaching assistant, who spoke to him in Arabic, Malik’s first language and what he spoke at home with his parents. The AI assistant told him that he had joined a group of his classmates who were also doing their book reports on the rainforest, and that they had a special guide from an indigenous tribe who lived there.

Malik followed the AI assistant and saw the avatars of his friends. They waved at him and welcomed him to the virtual adventure. They also had their VR contact lenses and earbuds on, but they could choose the language they wanted to hear and speak. Malik heard some of them speak in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin. He was amazed by the diversity and richness of his classmates’ cultures and languages. He also saw the avatar of the indigenous guide, who wore traditional clothes and ornaments. He spoke in his native Amazonian language, but Malik could understand him thanks to his earbuds.

The guide led them through the rainforest, showing them the different plants, animals, and landmarks. Malik was fascinated by the sights and sounds of the rainforest. He felt like he was really there, thanks to the realistic graphics and sounds of the VR simulation. He saw a colorful macaw perched on a tree branch, and a curious monkey swinging from a vine. He wanted to know more about them, so he approached them with his earbuds on. He asked them some questions for his book report, such as what they ate, where they slept, and how they communicated. They told him basic facts about their lives and habits. Malik was thrilled to have even a short conversation with animals. He thanked them and moved on.

As Malik learned new things, he dictated his notes to an autoregressive language model that turned his findings and ideas into an essay. He had learned about this tool in his writing class, and he found it very useful and convenient. He could see his essay taking shape on his VR contact lenses, and he could edit it as he went along. He was proud of his work and confident that he had done a good job.

He thanked his AI teaching assistant, the indigenous guide, and his virtual classmates for the amazing experience. He turned off his VR contact lenses and uploaded his essay. He received a notification that his teacher and AI assistant had received it and that they would give him feedback soon. He looked at the clock and saw that it was 1pm. He had enough time to eat some lunch, review his personalized learning plan for the school day, and get to class. He smiled and felt happy. He had solved his problem and learned a lot. He had also had fun and made new friends. He was looking forward to his next VR field trip. He wondered where it would take him.